Halitosis, effective bad breath cure

Bad breath can ruin your sex life, damage your career and seriously affect relationships with the people closest to you.

It’s a problem that affects almost everyone at some time in their lives.

Have you ever been in the company of someone whose breath was so bad it almost made your eyes water? No doubt you’ll have made your excuses and moved quickly away, breathing a sigh of relief. The chances are, you’ll have told others about Mr. Dog Breath and laughed behind his back.

But what if it was you with the problem and you just didn’t know? Because you could suffer from severe Halitosis and never even realise.

Far from being a laughing matter, bad breath can be psychologically devastating. If you suspect you may have a problem, you’ll probably keep a handy supply of mints and use mouthwash, not realising they can make the problem worse.

You could brush your teeth 3 times a day and still have foul smelling breath.

Bad breath is mainly caused by an excess of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, these bacteria emit fetid gasses the foulest of which is hydrogen Sulphide (it smells like rotten eggs) and Methyl Mercap, which has an odor so strong it’s added to natural gas to alert people to leaks.

And don’t think you can check for bad breath by breathing into your own hand, it simply doesn’t work! To put it bluntly we are too close to our own smells to notice them.

Never knowing if you smell can raise your stress levels.

Stress affects your body chemistry and you’ve guessed it – this can lead to bad breath. And as we feel stressed at times like interviews, client meetings and going on a date - imagine if the first impression you make is – your breath smells!

Unfortunately you may never know, as people are reluctant to tell someone they have a problem. Never knowing can become a serious issue for people - they can develop a phobic responce and live in fear of disgusting people with their bad breath.

How kissable are you?

Talking to someone is one thing, kissing and being intimate is another. There's no greater passion killer than smelly breath. The gentle waft of hyrdogen sulphide (rotten eggs) is far from sexy. You wouldn't want to kiss someone with Halitosis, so would they want to kiss you if you've got bad breath.

People avoiding you in the 'close up zone' can be a warning sign. However people moving away is only one of the telltale signs that you smell, there are others that are less obvious.

Ask yourself…

* Is your mouth frequently very dry?

* Does milk or coffee leave a bad taste in your mouth?

* Do you have post nasal drip?

* Do people frequently offer you breath mints?

* Is there a white coating on your tongue?

* Is your saliva thick?

If you’re not experiencing success in your career and social life and you can’t understand why - perhaps it's because you have bad breath.

As we know, Halitosis can have a serious impact on your social life, not to mention holding you back and affecting your success in a job. We live in a social world, but all the social skills, good looks and designer clothes can’t compete with bad breath.

‘Up close & personal’ contains information that will prove invaluable and could change your life.

Many people become so desperate they’ll spend huge amounts of money, trying every so called ‘cure’ there is. And there are lots of products out there with impressive sounding names. Everything from: DIY breath testers (a sure way to increase your levels of paranoia). There are oral rinses (a months supply costs $30), gels, sprays and anti-bacterial spritzes, not forgetting ‘medical’ mints and chewing gum (and of course anything with a medical name always costs more).

You can even attend ‘special’ bad breath clinics. Here (if you pay around $75) you’ll be tested using what they call an ‘Oral digital gas chromatograph’. They claim this ‘state-of-the-art’ Breath Tester will accurately measure any bad smells in your mouth, so you'll know for certain whether you have an odor problem’. I don’t know about you, but I question the need for a test like this. If you’re attending a Bad Breath Clinic, the chances are you know you have a problem.

As a qualified therapist I am constantly amazed by people who reject simple solutions to their problems.

They choose to believe the more they spend on a solution, the more effective it will be. And believe me, there are plenty of companies who will be only too happy to charge many hundreds of $’s to ‘help you’.

Human beings are programmed to believe higher priced products are the best. So at just $12 the special report I’m offering you may seem too cheap.

I’m offering to you at this low price because I know you’ll be so impressed with its effectiveness, that you will trust my expertise and consider buying other psychology, health related products I am developing.

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